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fictioncity – The Shell

  1. My Diving Board
  2. Into the Shell /feat. Francesca Genco
  3. Tears & Fireworks (Part I)
  4. Alice's Wonderland's Wastelands /feat. Jovana Djordjevic
  5. Omega Teen
  6. Tears & Fireworks (Part II)
  7. Morphine /feat. Jens Gad
  8. Inside the Shell
  9. Cunts, Dicks, iPhones /feat. Dan Hawkins
  10. Breaking the Shell
  11. Tachycardia
  12. See Emily Sleep
  13. Alive and Shameless /feat. Denis Sedovich

Music: Mike Belov
Mastering: Hubert Cuypers (Huby Sea)
Artwork: Irene Belova/Irene Sankova
Video (here): Rubenych
Label: Psychonavigation Records